Kaleva, Michigan 

Sculpture Tree

on the Kaleva Centennial Walkway

The Sculpture Tree Honorees

The Centennial Walkway’s newest addition is comprised of 130 silvery metal leaves that sparkle in the sunlight, standing tall and proud at thirteen feet high and eight feet wide. Created by Wellston welder and artist Andy Priest, who meticulously welded each of the leaves onto the sculpture: in order to commemorate Kaleva’s past business owners and community contributors. The piece has created a space for honorees to be recognized and honored with a name plate for their contributions to the community consisting of both business and service criteria.

To celebrate this occasion, Kaleva residents gathered on Friday, August 29th, 2014 to honor the first three inductees that were officially added to the sculpture tree. The dedication ceremony, which took place in front of the tree, recognized: Arthur Luhtanen, Norman Kaskinen and Weikko Pihl.  Representing each honoree was a Kaleva resident who spoke on behalf of their inductee: Rick Shaffer for Arthur Luhtanen; Dan Holtz for Norman Kaskinen; and Wayne Pihl in honor of his father Weikko Pihl.  A committee of council members and Kaleva Historical Society directors “planned and commissioned the sculpture tree” with a grant in part provided by the Northwest Michigan Council on Governments.  
“It’s just putting a new name on an old idea, and we’re keeping all of those traditional ideas alive here in Kaleva” said village trustee Jim Draze in reference to this occasion.

September 4th at 7 p.m. will mark another induction ceremony commemorating two more of Kaleva’s finest. The names will be released to the public closer to this event’s date, so mark your calendars!

Written by: Megan Desarmeaux KHS PR


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